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Here is What You Should Eat Before And After Yoga?

Yoga is a very ancient Indian form of lifestyle that involves exercise and improving the overall quality of an individual’s lifestyle. It involves the union of the mind, body, and soul with that the forces of nature. Originating in the Indian Subcontinent, this form of exercise has become a global phenomenon.

Today many yoga schools in Rishikesh teach yoga and also offer a wide range of yoga courses. One such course is the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh which is a complete training to help groom individuals into professionals.

What is the best time to practice yoga?

Yoga involves the practice of a variety of asanas that vary in their area of well-being. Thus the best times to practice the asanas are usually specific to that yoga pose. However, it can be noted that the most ideal time to do yoga is known to be during the time of sunrise also called sawn or sunset known as dusk.

Does yoga require any specific diet?

Many learners and beginners in the world of yoga often ask the question of any specific requirement for a diet during yoga. Although certain asanas and yoga poses may require following a specific food lifestyle to work to their full potential, maintaining a strict diet is not compulsory to practice yoga. However, eating healthy food alongside yoga is beneficial to achieve the goal of a good quality lifestyle.

What to eat before and after yoga?

The kind of food items one should eat before or after yoga can bring about a huge amount of difference in the amount of effectiveness that the yoga asana has on the body. Having a proper and maintained food habits before and after yoga ensures that the body receives the maximum amount of benefits along with a proper balance of food and exercise. Many yoga courses like the 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh are designed to provide additional dietary knowledge along with yoga-related lessons.

In this article, we will be covering a complete guide on what to eat and what to avoid before the practice of yoga and after the practice of yoga to achieve maximum benefits. This includes pre-yoga and post-yoga food suggestions and several dos and don’ts to remember. Thus some of the things to eat before and after yoga are as follows:

  1. Before Yoga:

This involves the period before the practice of the yogic art forms. Since yoga is usually performed during sunrise and sunset, individuals are not expected to have a full tummy. Having said that, it is also essential to note that practicing yoga with an empty stomach is also not agreeable as this may lead to collapse or other problems. Thus you can follow these tips for dietary requirements before yoga:

  • A full-course meal is not recommendable before yoga as it will make you feel less energized and you will not e able to obtain full body flexibility during the yoga class.
  • Therefore, before a yoga class one chooses to eat a portion of light food that gives the body energy and is easy to digest. Thus avoiding meat or heavy oil-based food items is beneficial.
  • Furthermore, drinking enough water is also beneficial before a yoga class as this helps to keep the body hydrated. Various schools like the Yoga School in Rishikesh teach the benefits of proper intake of water and have water installations on their premises. 
  • Eating simple carbs and snacks that provide energy is the key to having a motivated and energized body and mind before a yoga session. Complex carbs like cakes, muffins, chips, etc provide an instant spike in blood sugar and pressure levels and are thus not advisable.
  • Some great food options to have before a yoga session include fruits like apples, bananas, etc. This can be accompanied by hard-boiled eggs and vegetables like carrots along with healthy nuts like almonds. Additionally, you can also consume energy bars, protein shakes, and smoothies if it agrees with your body.
  • Additionally, it is also advisable to not eat anything immediately before the yoga class as this will not give the food time to digest. Thus consuming food at least an hour or more before the yoga session is a must. This will help digest the food and make you completely ready for the class.
  1. After Yoga:

Post-yoga dietary and food needs are equally important as pre-yoga needs. This is because, after a yoga session the body is very flexible and full of energy. Therefore, it is important to direct that towards healthy food to ensure the body received maximum benefits from the practice. Thus, come of the requirements for post-yoga food requirements are as follows:

  • The first requirement that needs to be fulfilled after a yoga session is to consume huge quantities of water. After practice, the individual may experience thirst because of exerting the body during the sessions, sweating and this may cause a shortage of water in the body. Thus drinking plenty of water after a yoga session helps to restore the water needed in the body.
  • Secondly, after an intense session, the body needs protein to help build the cells. Thus consuming protein-rich food items like yogurt, boiled eggs, fish or meat helps to recover muscles. This in turn helps to create a healthy outcome on the body of the individual and get the best outcome.
  • Some foods to try after a yoga session include hydrating fruits like cucumber, watermelon, avocado, etc. Apart from these proteins like fish, meat chicken and scrambled eggs are very helpful. This can also be teamed with fresh vegetables and oats for a completely healthy meal.
  • You can also consume some healthy fats to help restore the body’s energies. The motto is to have a completely balanced diet after the yoga sessions to ensure that the body gets all the nutrients and proteins it needs to work effectively toward healthy restoration.
  • The meal should also contain a proportion of antioxidants to help clean the body system. Concerning this consumption of items rich in cocoa is helpful. This ensures that the body gets its fair share of Vitamin E and potassium.
  • And finally, it is important to make sure that you rest properly after a yoga session. This is because posts yoga the body tends to be experiencing wear and tear and needs time to restructure. Thus proper rest with a nice balanced diet is all you need to get the best results after yoga.


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