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 how to play  Tons At Hi88 Casino Simple And Fast

Hi88 is one of the popular online bookmakers in Vietnam. With a prestigious reputation and quality service, Nhà cái Hi88 has attracted a large number of players to join daily. This betting site offers a wide range of games such as sports betting, online casino, and gambling. In this article, we will learn how to play  the Hi88 dealer effectively and safely.

What type of song is Tan Tan?

Did you know that Tan is really a very interesting form of card game, originating from Russia in the 20th century. It is commonly known as Durak, which is a very popular game in the country of birch. This.

In Vietnam, how to play has also become one of the popular game ways, attracting the participation of 2-4 players. With a deck of 52 cards, Tan retains the same rules but is a little different from other card games.

What is Tan and  how to play  Ton?

 how to play  Tan There is a unique feature that there will be a specified substance in each game. This means that in each game, one of the four substances including muscle, checkered, shrimp or flange will be the dominant agent. The cards in this main suit will increase in strength from 2 to A.

Instructions on  how to play  the simple Tan card game

Tan is a popular and attractive traditional card game during Tet and other holidays in Vietnam. Let’s explore with me how to play  Basic, detailed and easy to understand to become a Tan master and win big in every hand!

Deck of playing cards

This game also uses a deck of 52 cards. The cards are ranked from strongest to A, followed by K, Q, J,… and weakest to 2. Apart from the case where the master suit has an advantage, the rest of the suits are considered valuable. same.

How to deal cards

After everyone has sat around the table, the game begins with dealing cards. Each player will immediately receive 8 cards, and you can deal clockwise or counterclockwise, no matter how the hand is dealt, as long as after that, the direction of the card is the same. 

Screenshot 2

How to deal round cards,  how to play  Tan

When each player has received their cards, proceed to draw one more leaves more to determine the mastery in this hand. And of course, the monarch will be face up on the table for everyone to see.

Header rule

An important part of  how to play is to determine the player to hit first. The game begins with the dealer flipping the king and continuing to draw one more leaves again to determine who started the game.

Screenshot 3

Rule of the head player when playing Tan

By convention, piece A counts as 1, piece J equals 11,army Q is 12 and K has a value of 13. From the first draw, the cards will be counted in turn according to the deal direction until the value corresponding to that card is reached.

The player whose value corresponds to the card they draw will be the first to move. The drawn card must then be placed back onto the deck and shuffled thoroughly before placing all remaining cards on top of the predetermined leading player.

If you want to reduce the complexity in how to play , can be done the following way: In the first game, the dealer will have priority to go first. In subsequent games, the winner of the previous game gets to go first.

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 how to play  Simple Tons

 how to play  TanNot too complicated, but to become a good player, it is necessary to learn and learn a process. To start a hand, a player is designated as the first player, and they perform a “ton” action against the next player in the direction of the previous hand. The player “ton” has the right to play any card in his possession, as long as he plays individually, not on strings.

Screenshot 4

 how to play  tons easy to understand

The person who is “hit” will have to give a card to block. These cards must be of the same suit and of greater value (for example, 5 cards can block 2). Or they can also use their trump card to block, any card with a trump suit has the ability to block a tree of the remaining suits. Similarly, if the “hit” player presents a trump card, the receiver can only use the trump card of greater value.

The remaining players are also entitled to additional “tons” with cards of the same value as the cards that appeared (including the “tons” and “helps” played). The person being “hit” is responsible for dealing with all the cards that are presented.


Bai Tan is a unique and interesting card game from Russia, and has become a popular game in Vietnam with the participation of 2-4 people. Enjoy the fun and attraction from  how to play  at the dealer Hi88, and do not forget to show confidence and patience to achieve victory in each game.



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