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What position is RM?  Famous Players Playing In This Position

What position is RM?  In football, RM is the abbreviation for right winger, also known as attacking midfielder. On the football field, they are responsible for attack and defense, playing on both sides of the touchline. To better understand the role of players holding this position on the football field, please follow the information Link 789BET Please share below.

 What position is RM? 

RM’s full name is Right Midfielder – right midfielder or right winger, attacking midfielder on the football field. This is an important position operating on both sides of the border, responsible for attack and defense. Therefore, players in this position are often closely marked or fouled by the opponent.

Duties and required qualities of a player playing the RM position

After clearly understanding what position RM is on the football field, we will next clearly state the tasks and qualities required of a player holding this position. Everyone please follow now to get information.

Duties of the player playing the RM position

In modern football, attacking from both wings plays an extremely important role. Because if the winger plays well, he can continuously open up attack opportunities for the team. Then they will have assists with crosses into the opponent’s goal for their teammates to score.

Understanding what position RM is on the field is very important, because they contribute to shaping the team’s playing style. Even if the formation and tactics are correct, if the midfield is weaker or out of control, the team will have a hard time launching an attack and will constantly be attacked by the opposing team.

The wing midfielder usually has many different positions, depending on the playing formation, the coach will also choose different types of midfielders. In case the team is weaker than the opponent, the right winger’s role will be to support defense and attack the flanks.

Necessary qualities of a player playing the RM position

Not only understanding what position RM is, to play well on the field, a right winger also needs to have the following certain skills:

  • Good physical foundation, high endurance and fast running speed to move flexibly on the field from defense to attack.
  • Have skills in dribbling, controlling the ball, passing the ball accurately and coordinating well with teammates.
  • Outstanding physique, good height to be able to compete for the ball and get close to opponents.
  • Be very alert and alert in the enemy’s traps.
  • Play flexibly, know how to seize opportunities when the opponent makes mistakes, turning them into beneficial opportunities for your team.
  • Tricks and quick thinking to implement tactics to trap the opponent to help the team receive a free kick.

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 What position is RM? Famous players playing the RM position

Currently, there are many successful players competing in this position. Join us in taking a look at some of the best players in the world today below:

Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho was born on June 12, 1992 – a Brazilian football player currently playing for the Brazilian national team and Barcelona Club in La Liga. Coutinho is playing as an attacking midfielder, right winger or winger.

The midfielder, born in 1993, started his career at Brazilian club Vasco da Gama before moving to play for Inter Milan (Italy) and was loaned to Espanyol in 2012. In January 2013, Coutinho signed a contract with Liverpool Club. at a price of 8.5 million euros.

 What position is RM?  With the ability to read the game well, skillfully pass people, dribble and attack excellently, he was nicknamed “Little Witch”. Even football king Pele commented that Coutinho will be a “big future” for world football. In January 2018, he joined Barcelona for a record fee of 160 million Euros, becoming the second most expensive player in the world at that time.

Jadon Sancho

Once you clearly understand the information about RM’s position, surely everyone will immediately think of Jadon Sancho. He was born in 2000 and is currently playing as a winger for Manchester United Club and the England national football team.

Sancho is known for his cunning, intelligence, speed and good tackling in one-on-one situations. This young player made his first professional involvement with Dortmund. Then moved to play for Manchester City Club for 7.8 million euros.

Christian Eriksen

When mentioning one of the famous players playing the RM position, fans will surely immediately think of Christian Eriksen. He was born on February 14, 1992 and is currently playing for Manchester United and the Danish national football team.

 What position is RM?  Currently, the player born in 1992 is playing as a midfielder. Eriksen is known for his accurate long passing ability, good ball control and can play well in any position on the field. Currently, Eriksen has become one of the particularly important factors of the “Red Devils”.

Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria is currently one of the most talented midfielders in world football. Currently, Di Maria is playing as a midfielder for Juventus Club and the Argentina national football team. If you ask what position RM is and which player is currently playing well in this position, Angel Di Maria is the top candidate.

The player born in 1988 has the ability to be extremely agile, strong and tricky on the wing. He can also play flexibly as a central attacking midfielder or on either wing. Furthermore, the reigning WC 2022 champion also possesses extremely good dribbling ability, ball control as well as movement and acceleration speed. He has great vision and the ability to pass the ball and pass people accurately, so he can score goals and take free kicks accurately.

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah is a famous Egyptian football player born in 1992. Currently he is playing for Liverpool Club, and the Egyptian Football Team. Salah is considered an agile player, very mobile and has good tactics and techniques.

 What position is RM?  As one of the most versatile strikers in football today, he mainly plays as a right winger. This is the best position to allow Salah to cut into the center and launch shots into the opponent’s goal or make horizontal passes inside for teammates.

In addition to world-famous players, some players in Vietnam currently playing as right wing midfielder include: Trong Hoang, Van Thanh, Ho Tan Tai, Hong Duy,…


Above is detailed information to answer your questions What position is RM? On the football field, everyone is interested and searching today. Understanding the playing positions on the football field will help viewers better understand the football style as well as the team’s chances of winning. For more detailed information, please visit the website 789bet to update every day.



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