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Pushpa Review

If you’re a fan of the Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa, then you’ll surely want to check out this movie. This mass-entertainment movie has created a lot of buzz ahead of its release. The movie was plagued with some delays before it finally hit theatres, but despite these problems, the film has received mostly positive reviews. Keep reading to find out how we felt about the film.

The cinematography and production design are both visually stunning and extremely cinematic. It could have used more punch in the sound department, but otherwise, the film has good production values and cinematography. The action, meanwhile, is a mix of novelistic and mainstream. Deepali Noor’s costumes are authentic, though the editing could be tighter. Overall, this is a highly entertaining film, and one that’s worth checking out.

While the film is not without its share of flaws, it has several excellent moments, including scenes where Pushpa negotiates with goons while beating them up with his sword. Although he may not be perfect, the character has a lot of potential. Even the serial rapist Jolly Reddy can’t handle this man, and he’s far too powerful for his own good.

As a teen, Pushpa grew up around hate and corruption, and he has a soft spot for his mother, as well as for his love interest, Srivalli (Rashmika Mandanna). Unfortunately, the movie mirrors many things wrong with South Indian cinema. The hero and the villain are always shown chasing a girl who’s not interested in them, and the plot revolves around this.

When he gets involved with Konda Reddy’s gang, Pushpa quickly becomes a huge person. Pushpa manages a gang that has been operating illegally in the area for a decade, and he meets a distraught IPS official Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat. The gangsters are not happy with this development, and Pushpa ends up slitting Srinu’s throat.

In ‘Pushpa’, Allu Arjun’s character – Pushpa – is the star of the film. His performance is some of the best of his career, and the film is a nail-biting edge-of-your-seat action drama. While the film has some blemishes, overall the film is a decent one. The audience will be rooting for Pushpa despite his wrongdoings. The film also shows the character’s mother, who was never accepted by society and was ridiculed by everyone. The father, who was an illegitimate, was just as scorned by everyone.

In a world where everyone has to work for a living, a person’s hard work is not enough to survive. Despite all of these perks, Pushpa is determined to find a way to survive. And he does, despite the risks. After all, he’s a master of disguise! And he knows how to get ahead! With a little help from his gang, he soon becomes a valuable member of Konda Reddy’s gang. In return, Konda Reddy sells him red sandalwood to a syndicate run by Mangalam Srinu.



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