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HSC Or CBSE – What is 10th Class Called in Up Board?

HSC stands for Higher Secondary Certificate and is an examination for students in class eleven and twelve. There are three streams, and students must choose one. In India, the term 10th class is commonly referred to as Matriculation. Experts say that the meaning of HSC is on the decline, due to the government’s drive for centralized education. However, the exam remains important and is a prerequisite for college admission.

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam consists of all subjects. The subjects selected are dependent on the state and board, although English and Mathematics are common to all boards. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) is equivalent to a high school diploma. In India, HSC is also referred to as Class 12th. In Bangladesh, Higher Secondary Education (HSE) is an additional level of education beyond high school.

The Higher Secondary Certificate is a two-year course from the classes of XI and XII, which leads to the higher secondary exam. The HSC exam has three streams: life sciences, purely natural sciences, and various business disciplines. It will be held in March. Students need to pass at least 40% of all six subjects, with the remaining 30 marks going to practical papers. The HSC report will be issued in April or May. It is an important requirement for further studies and for college admission.

The abbreviated name for the exams may confuse you, but the purpose of these exams remains the same. If you’re wondering what each of these exams is for, it is best to obtain the right information from the appropriate source. In addition to knowing the purpose of each exam, knowing which to choose for your child’s upcoming exams is essential to ensure academic success. The best way to make this decision is to consult a professional who specializes in the subject area.

While HSC stands for Higher Secondary School Certificate, it is commonly referred to as “SSC” in the United States. Students who complete grade twelve can then apply for degree courses in colleges and universities. The HSC certificate is known as SSLC in the south, but HSC in the north and eastern states is referred to as an HSC certificate. In India, ‘School’ refers to the LKG or plain twelfth class.

Traditionally, the term “high school” refers to the final year of secondary education. Students in this grade are usually seventeen or eighteen years old. In some countries, the term “high school” refers to both the 10th and the 12th grades. Whether a student is a senior or a junior is a matter of opinion, but in most places, HSC is a more formal designation.



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